Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pick Me Up!

Found myself with an unexpected free day on Sunday. For me the best place to go when alone is an art gallery! Generally that's my rule - I like to wander at my own pace, take several seconds by a piece or maybe an hour whatever suits me. But boy was I wrong on this occasion! I should've brought friends, not just one but many!

I went to the Pick Me Up Exhibition at the Embankment Galleries in Somerset House. This Graphic Arts Festival had things on every corner that caught my eye! It was super-interactive, and I've got to say just down right fun. From colouring in for adults to an idea's machine, photo-booths, and projections of live drawings.

Lot's of the artists prints were for sale from an affordable £10 to more exorbitant £300. I decided to pick up this little number.

It was cheap, soft, comfy and the print is just damn cool. The Collective that made this one is called Coffee Club, and you can buy their stuff here. Unfortunately by pure chance I went on the absolute last day of the exhibition but I'll definitely be keeping my out for more gems like that...

Also, the flowers are starting to bloom in the parks - these ones put a smile on my face.

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