Monday, 10 June 2013

London Fields

Over the weekend London experienced their version of a heat wave - and to their credit I even got a little sunburnt on my face and arms! A miracle, I know. My housemates and I headed on down to London Fields (which is a great park area in East London) which is right by the Broadway Markets. The plan was to buy up lots of fresh goodies like cheese, bread, dips, and pastries and gorge ourselves while lying in the sun. 

We did just this.

We found this kook wandering around with a pair of goggles and something that looked like a probing stick.

They always say that the Brits make the most of any fine weather and boy do they. But still I wasn't prepared for the amount of revellers there actually were!The atmosphere was off the wall. There was literally people everywhere - not families and kids, but a young crowd. Someone brought massive speakers and a DJ started up and the drinks kept flowing. This is the kind of London vibe that you just don't find in Brisbane.